Cross-chain deposits, Presail on Polygon, happening in DeFi

The next step will deploy real money into three investment strategies (cash, Yearn USDC, and Anchor). We did a first deployment of the React dashboard to show a real-time balance sheet. We worked on the architecture for delayed redemption, a challenging algorithm that is important for our ability to invest on multiple chains. We agreed on a token distribution plan with generous allocations for new contributors. We’re seeking help from architects that can advise on our plan for fast deposit delivery and native investment on specific chains, currently seeking help with most EVM chains including Celo, Cardano, Algorand.

Maxos Mutual…

Maxos Mutual

Maxos Mutual is a crypto native bank, built for long term growth and adaptability.

We tested the Maxos Mutual token code with an extensive list of features:

  • It’s mintable. Building for long-term growth and adaptability, the mutual can mint new governance rewards to support additional insurance. Minting will initially be controlled by the signer list on our Gnosis Safe. We are building the signer list in the style of a startup board of directors, with slots for management, investors, and an outside expert.
  • Upgradeable, using the standard OpenZeppelin code
  • It contains hooks for Compound governance. OpenZeppelin has identified Compound governance…

We will start posting weekly updates. Here’s progress from the last week.


Our flagship decentralized bank is now “Maxos Mutual”. Learn more from the Maxos Mutual white paper v0.2.

  • We started testing the core bank with the two simplest investment strategies. This opens slots for additional strategies.
  • We are testing a MaxBanker token for deployment this week. It includes Compound governance hooks. It includes pluggable transfer control, which we can use for non-transferrable team distributions, non-US presales, or fully decentralized distribution. …

The venture capital industry is 60 years old and set in its ways. That is about to change.

VC terms are frozen in time. GPs offer self-liquidating LP funds, with a 2 and 20 list price, and a 10 year fund lifespan. The first fund with this structure was offered in 1958.

Since then the deal documents have become optimized around use of cash, incentives, and taxes. It works! Assets in LP funds have ballooned to over $5T, with over $1B in venture capital. …

Banks currently hold about $100T worth of deposits globally. A lot of this money is underused and earning very low rates of interest. DeFi will make this money more useful. Interest-earning stablecoins such as our new MaxUSD can replace bank accounts.

MaxUSD and MaxBanker

MaxUSD will provide benefits for customers that hold it.

  • It will pay a rate that is higher than the competitors, more than smoothed aUSD or cUSD.
  • It earns new dollars while it sits in your wallet. It’s money that pays you.
  • MaxUSD customers can buy or redeem with USDC.
  • Customers can earn the underlying MaxUSD interest while they deposit…

A consensus protocol for startup, VC, and SPAC investment

Blockchains use consensus protocols to bring strangers into agreement, at huge scale. It’s time for finance to catch up. Launchpools is a consensus protocol for fundraising. Investors can indicate interest in a deal by submitting refundable stakes. Fundraisers (sponsors) can engage quickly with potential investors, and then build consensus around final terms.

Get ready for a fun summer
  • Workflow and React UI are nearly feature complete.
  • We’re still changing the smart contract structure. We should have stabilized this earlier. Our goals include consolidating the stakes into a secure and immutable StakeVault, handling coins that have variable value, and guaranteeing delivery of investments.
  • Tokens will be available…

A simple implementation of a big idea

Rental deposits are a headache for everyone. Tenants tie up their cash with near-zero return, and have to beg their landlord to give it back at the end of the lease. Landlords have to set up a bank account and do bookkeeping.

dEscrow handles these deposits with a smart contract. Tenants will find it easier to get deposits back, and they will earn interest on their money. Landlords get simple compliance.

Apartment deposits are a simple example of an escrow and arbitration workflow. “Escrow” is the process of putting up money to guarantee an agreement, in this case, the apartment…

Get venture returns, faster

Last fall I pitched my friend Sesha with “DeFi is fantastic. Let’s apply the Flagship model to DeFi.” That model is a “venture studio,” where we do the work to create and spin out a series of protocols.

Venture studios succeed by producing extra unicorns. According to CB Insights, about 1.28% of funded companies go on to become unicorns. Idealab reports a 5% success rate, and Flagship Pioneering reports a 25% success rate.

Flagship Pioneering companies take 6–8 years to reach IPO. One of their most successful is Moderna, which stepped up to save the world with Covid vaccines. They…

DeFi is the best business opportunity I have seen in my career. Let’s look at the numbers.

This chart from May is out of date — the current asset measure is $63B , but one fact remains true: DeFi assets and revenue have grown more than 60X in one year. Growth is what creates opportunities for startups.

Source- DeFi pulse. $0.9B to $74B in one year

Almost all of this growth is inside services for crypto trading and leveraging. That’s just a small bit of the financial services industry.

Amazingly, this growth rate can continue. The available asset base in financial services is thousands of times larger.

Accelerate investor engagement

DeFi is moving so fast that we are investing in offers that don’t exist yet. Launch pools give investors a way to engage early. They combine features from escrow, SPACs, Kickstarter, and DAOs, using some magic that is only available in the world of DeFi.

Investors can put refundable stakes into a “launch pool.” This gives them votes, and a place in line, with rewards for early staking. When the investment is fully defined, they can commit to it. This mechanism can reduce startup cost, risk and time.

An entrepreneur considers a lot of up front costs and decisions before…

Andy Singleton

SaaS entrepreneur/engineer. Founder of MAXOS, Real World DeFi. Previously founded Assembla, PowerSteering Software, on team at SNL Financial.

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