We need answers fast, and we can get them from a help desk. We have the technology! Donald Trump mused about an imaginary 1700-person Web site project. Compared with a centrally managed Web site, modern help desk workflows will scale bigger, and find answers faster, with more local detail.

Here is how a properly equipped help desk gets answers and builds a Web “knowledge base”.

We need a focused mission (see potential questions below). We need software (like Zendesk) and telecomm services (like Amazon Connect, Twilio Flex, or Zendesk support) and we need volunteers to work it (from home, of course).

We aren’t sure what type of questions will be most urgent, and which types of questions will not be handled in existing channels. I predict that this process will help us answer some of the following questions:

  • Where can I get tested?
  • Where can I get treated?
  • How can I get food and supplies delivered?
  • How can I protect my high-risk loved ones?
  • How can I get help for my remote loved one?
  • We need X [Resources, supplies, space]-> Spawns projects
  • Who can take this workload?
  • Supply chain needs
  • Protective supplies for healthcare workers
  • Treatment supplies
  • Testing development and deployment
  • Treatment development and deployment

SaaS entrepreneur/engineer. Founder of MAXOS, Real World DeFi. Previously founded Assembla, PowerSteering Software, on team at SNL Financial.