Jul 21, 2020

5 min read

Flex College — Approach and Goals

Unbundling College

College satisfies three different types of needs:

  1. Learn
  2. Get a degree
  3. GO to college. Get the campus experience. Grow, socialize, and network.

The Flex College Approach

Online curriculum as the raw material

Flex college makes the most of online instruction. We now have a surplus of online courses to choose from. The available catalog includes increasingly refined and globally produced media, study plans, and lectures, plus a whole new set of courses delivered online by traditional colleges. This material increases quality and consistency. Flex college supports the classes now being offered by traditional colleges, while curating the best online courses. The curriculum is not a finished product, but it’s good raw material.

Residential Pods

We believe that in-person support is important for social satisfaction and learning effectiveness. We are organizing small groups to live and work together.


On-site coaches and teaching assistants are a missing link that will make online instruction more effective and more satisfying. Our teaching experts have studied this role, and we are building tools to support it. Supporting coaches is our special value add, the technology and technique that we are most committed to investing in.

Student leaders and self governance

Students have an amazing opportunity to design their own journey. We hope to build pods around student leaders.


Quality and consistency

We have always viewed teaching as an art, and not a science. By making it into a science, we can give every student the benefit of working with great artists. Then we can measure and increase the value of a degree.

Save money

We should be able to deliver all of this world class instruction, including the local teachers, for less than half of the cost of normal college tuition.

Increase the probability of completing a degree

Students will have more options that result in a degree. They can move between a full-time residential campus, inspiring locations around the world, and a transition to work with after-hours meetups. We will be seeking campuses and lifestyle entrepreneurs to host pods in all of these locations.

Lifetime learning

Current educational institutions only pay attention to their students for a few years. Then the student is cast off into the next set of challenges alone. Why is that? Once we know a student, we can organize ourselves and our systems to provide a lifetime of recommendations and support.


It’s one of my main goals in life. Students can use the portable campus and small-group cameraderie to find more ways to have fun.

Where does this project come from?

I am Andy Singleton, a software entrepreneur (founder CEO/CTO of Assembla, PowerSteering Software, Cambridge Interactive) with a kid going into college this year. My collaborator John Stadler made his first million launching an electronics company, and since then has dedicated his life to founding schools in the US and China. We first met while working on a crypto project.

Join the team at Flex College

Let us know if you are interested in joining the team, and apply here.