• Tom Walton

    Tom Walton

  • Alexander Borodich

    Alexander Borodich

    Universa Blockchain Founder and CEO, Business angel, accredited investor, serial entrepreneur, addicted to travel and decentralized tokenized economy

  • Nathaniel Richardson

    Nathaniel Richardson

  • Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Product Designer

  • keensoftware


    Small Business IT, Web and Ecommerce Solutions

  • Konstantin Kaiser

    Konstantin Kaiser

    Writer, Technical Analyst, Blockchain PR & Content Creation. Proponent of the thesis Bitcoin is antifragile and FIAT is designed to collapse. Evolute-pr.com

  • Vainqueur Niyotwagira

    Vainqueur Niyotwagira

    Biotech Manufacturing | Investing in: Startups & Blockchain Tech

  • Thomas Galibert

    Thomas Galibert

    Programmer, entrepreneur, dad and husband.

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