Maxos update 16 September

Maxos Mutual

The next step will deploy real money into three investment strategies (cash, Yearn USDC, and Anchor). We did a first deployment of the React dashboard to show a real-time balance sheet. We worked on the architecture for delayed redemption, a challenging algorithm that is important for our ability to invest on multiple chains. We agreed on a token distribution plan with generous allocations for new contributors. We’re seeking help from architects that can advise on our plan for fast deposit delivery and native investment on specific chains, currently seeking help with most EVM chains including Celo, Cardano, Algorand.

Maxos Mutual is a borderless crypto-native bank


PRESAIL is now available on Polygon. Apply for membership tokens here. We have granted 156K of 7M available tokens. We made another revision to the StakeVault security architecture to further guarantee that investors stakes are easily refunded, and can’t be lost or misused. Crypto will CHANGE the dynamics of a VC, fund, and SPAC investment. Our plan to replace closed syndicates with open-access pools now includes early staking bonuses create a bonding curve that makes money for deal leaders. Propose a deal to use these new dynamics. We’ll discuss proposed deals at a member meeting on September 24 at 10:00 US EDT, 14:00 UTC.

The Presail DAO is transforming VC with global, open-access workflows

Happening in DeFi

Watch this space! We’re writing an article about the full scope of “crypto-native dollar banking.” This includes “payment coins” (non-interest paying stablecoins specializing in liquidity features), “savings coins” (interest paying dollar assets), fast bridges, pooled collateral, and “yield leaders” (farming subsidized asset attractors). L1 chains can attract assets and make a lot of money in these categories. They need to improve their financial engineering skills to match the market leader, Terra. Why is this so profitable? We’ll be unwrapping the secrets of Anchor.

Crypto law Twitter had a lot to say about Gary Gensler’s positioning against crypto yield products. The SEC is within its legal rights to enforce securities laws on yield-earning products. On the other hand, the “investor protection” push is maximizing protection for incumbent banks and damaging investors. As former CFTC Commissioner Quintenz said, “I don’t necessarily think applying 80-year-old laws to these kinds of dynamics are really the best way that the government can promote innovation, wealth creation and access to financial inclusion.”

Superlawyer Lewis Cohen proposes to make regulated finance compatible with DeFi through permissioned access points.




Software entrepreneur/engineer. Building dollar DeFi at Maxos. Previous startups include Assembla, PowerSteering Software, SNL Financial.

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Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton

Software entrepreneur/engineer. Building dollar DeFi at Maxos. Previous startups include Assembla, PowerSteering Software, SNL Financial.

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