Nice overview. I learned a lot from your research. It’s good to know that there are dozens of ICO’s currently pitching the same basic patient incentive schemes. It will be very interesting to see if any of these work. The data on paying patients to be healthier shows disappointing results. One study that was sent to me by MintHealth, one of the patient incentive ICO candidates, was intended to support their position that payers will find it a good investment to use their token to incentivize healthy behaviors. What it actually showed is that when you pay patients to lose weight, it costs about $150/pound of temporary weight loss, which is certainly not an expense that makes sense. It starts to seem ridiculous when you think about trying to get normal people to handle ERC20 tokens instead of actual money. On the other hand, your link showing a 7X gain from “smart shopping” makes a lot of sense. Humans are terrible at shopping for health care, while their digital advisors can do it well. It’s possible to get 5X improvements in cost by understanding what a patient needs and sending him/her to specialized, efficient providers. I think our digital advisors can create huge gains with smart shopping.

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