Seeking an emerging entrepreneur / product manager for a DeFi launch

Andy Singleton
2 min readJan 12, 2022


Maxos is seeking an entrepreneur and product manager to lead the launch of a new DeFi protocol on Algorand, Ally. This is a remote job with a full time focus on delivering a product in March. The team at Maxos is supporting this launch with development and fundraising.

The goal is to launch a liquid stakes product for “wrapped ALGO” in March, and collect $100M+ in assets for the next Algorand stake lockup in April. Ally will provide a home for the $4.5B worth of ALGO that is currently staked for governance under 90 day lockup, earning 9%. wALGO is a liquid token that holds this pool, allowing owners to get the 9% and then double yields with lending and yield farming.


  • Shape the product with daily testing and feedback for the development team
  • Lead the deployment of the Web app, Web site, Twitter. Write gitbook docs.
  • Market to the ALGO community, with help from our team. Engage on Discord, Twitter, and Algorand events and forums
  • Ensure great security. Get a code audit. Design and run a multi-sig process for governance and updates
  • Lead a successful launch. We will support a full-stack approach to entrepreneurship

We look for

  • Product development experience, with an ability to work on a distributed product development team
  • DeFi user with an understanding of the technical and financial components of DeFi
  • Good communicator and marketer
  • Available immediately for a paid trial engagement
  • Wants to fully lead a startup project

How to respond

Please tell us about yourself with this form:

Chat with us on the Maxos Discord . Contact Andy Singleton — zingle#5724 on Discord or @zingle on Telegram

This is a remote position. You control your own schedule and work environment. We will seek a one-week paid trial engagement. After you get to know us, we will bring you into our team with cash and token allocations matching your leadership commitment.

This begins our process to deploy liquid stakes and swap them into Anchor-style stabilized yields on leading blockchains.



Andy Singleton

Software entrepreneur/engineer. Building DeFi banking at Maxos — . Previously started Assembla, PowerSteering Software, SNL Financial.